Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pony Party!

Today was Macy's My Little Pony Party at a local stable. It was hot, but sunny and fun.  Adam and (a very tired) Jonah even came along.
Charlotte and Macy's mom, Judie.

Charlotte walked with the horse before it was her turn to ride.

I am so proud of her for riding; I thought she would get scared, but she didn't.

Picture of the face paint with Daddy before a bath. (They're apples, like the pony Apple Jack has.)

There's a video also, but I'm having trouble loading it right now; I'll post it later. Thank you Macy and Judie for a great party!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer 2013 Ohio Trip Part 2

We had such a great time in Columbus, and I hope you enjoy these pictures from the trip. Thank you Barney and Kim for your hospitality! We love you!

Playing with the tent and tunnel

Jonah loved the tunnel

Touching the starfish with Grandma

Walking with Papa to see the manatees

Can I reach that?

Where are they?

I see them.

Walking through the kangaroo exhibit at the zoo

The reason for the traffic jam was Caroline, asleep on the path

We should come to the zoo for the playground more often!

Playing together


This looks like fun...

Last night dinner

Of course...

This picture was a necessity. When we saw this huge purse in front of a purse store at Polaris, We knew that Charlotte NEEDED her picture taken with it.