Friday, June 28, 2013

Ohio Trip Summer 2013 Part 1

These are the pictures from the Cincinnati leg of our trip to visit my parents. Mom and Dad, we had a great time! Love you!!

We took my parents lunch, and the kids played in a gazebo outside of my old high school.
 Pictures of them together at this age are a little difficult, but this is a cute one.
 Jonah and Uncle Charlie
 One of the days, we went to the Disney Store to let the kids run around. Jonah had a blast!
We got the chance to visit with my parents' neighbor, Elizabeth. She is so sweet with my kids, and Charlotte was very excited to see her.
 Adam snapped this picture of my mom and me; we both look hot, because it was hot that day!
Elizabeth gave Charlotte a book, and read some of it to her. This picture is very sweet to me.
 Charlotte and Uncle Charlie
Jonah and Grandmother clowning around
 Charlotte and Grandmother
 Charlotte and Granddad
 Jonah and Granddad

 We had a great time, Mom and Dad, and we hope you did too! Love you (and get some rest!)!

The First Post

Well, ladies and gentlemen (and by that, I mean our out-of-state families), welcome to the inaugural post of my newest blog: Guiding Their Hearts. <pause for applause> For about six months, I knew that my singular blog was getting too jumbled, and that if I kept using it to put pictures on, then I wouldn't really try to write for it. So, this blog was born; this blog to keep us all connected even though we live far apart from each other. This is the blog where I will post all of the kids' cute videos and pictures. Sometimes I'll write pertinent things here to keep you in the loop, but I know that you love our children, and since you can't see them as much as you like, this little piece of technology is the next best thing.

The old pictures and videos are still on the other blog if you ever are looking for them; I'll work on transferring them later, but for now, sit back and enjoy! Hugs!